Man destined for failure during pool league night

A man is destined for failure in his local pool league this week after watching a video on Facebook of a professional billiards player making a sick shot in 9 Ball.

Always the overly aggressive offensive player, David Arnold nearly wet himself after seeing the professional player not only escape a ball in hand for his opponent, but sink a ball as well. The shot involved hitting the cue ball against the rail and making it jump over another ball in order to hit the object ball.

“Great, now I’m gonna hafta try that,” he stated, adding “I’ll amaze, as usual.”

Arnold felt so confident about it that he issued a press release the day of his match. Unfortunately he didn’t know how to write one.

No alerts were issued at the local pool hall he’ll be playing at, despite the sheer number of times the cue ball will surely jump off the table, potentially harming others as Arnold attempts to relive his glory days.

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