New study shows Facebook prayers only 15% effective

FB Like

A new study recently released shows that people posting the word “prayers” on Facebook is only effective 15 percent of the time.

It occurs most often when complete strangers happen upon a post where another person or group of people is in trouble or going through a rough time. Many users of the popular social media platform will post the word “prayers” or “praying for you” as they skim through their news feed.

Researchers attribute this lack of effectiveness in large part due to people simply posting these words but then not actually taking any time to pray about the issue.

Another major reason why Facebook prayers are so ineffective is because many times fake posts are shared in order to get people to post “prayers” on them in order to help generate extra views, follows, and likes for various pages and profiles.

When researchers were asked about the effectiveness of posts which required a certain number of likes and prayers in order to save a life or bring good fortune to another person, they say that so far results have been “inconclusive.”

By: George R.M. Spooner

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