Police use of force incidents on the decline after new documentation practices

© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Use of force incidents by law enforcement officials are now on the decline after a major internal policy change.

Taking a cue from President Donald Trump, law enforcement agencies have declared their new push to reduce use of force incidents by no longer documenting them a resounding success.

According to Altruria Chief of Police Trina Watkins, this is considered a “win-win situation.”

“Since we as a department ceased documentation, use of force incidents have drastically declined. This has also freed up more resources to dedicate towards our community,” Watkins stated. “After seeing a sharp decrease in COVID-19 cases following the Atruria Public Health Department’s decision to implement this new documentation practice, it was easily a no-brainer to make the change here in our department.”

This comes after protesters across the country took issue with a number of excessive use of force incidents. Those people should now be able to return to their homes after achieving their goals.

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