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Mandated tracking systems to be installed on new cars in 2020

A new federal law set to go into effect in 2020 will require automotive manufacturers to install tracking systems in all new vehicles which can alert authorities to unsafe drivers. Continue reading

County to hire employees for ability to ignore irate citizens

Altruria County is set to hire hundreds of new employees later this month after the passage of several new tax measures.

Each department will see their ranks increase as part of a plan to create a better government according to a statement released by the commissioners’ court. Local residents can expect to see their new public servants to receive high pay, strong benefits, and to work far fewer days than private sector employees. Continue reading

Opioid addicts must experience the consequences of their actions

It is time we effectively tackle the opioid issue as we have previous problems by enforcing the consequences. Continue reading

Congress debates guns and abortion simultaneously

Congress took an unusual turn this week by negotiating abortion and gun rights at the same time. Continue reading

Christian and black protesters arrested after theater altercation

crime scene

A group of Christians and black protesters are behind bars after an altercation at a movie theater.

It began during a sold-out airing for the newly released film “Straight Outta Compton” when a small group of people began talking loudly and using profanity during the movie. The group then got into a verbal altercation with another group who began to complain before telling the loud group that they would “pray for them.” That group then stood up in their seats and began reciting prayers towards the direction of the first group. Continue reading

President’s secret memo leaked about planned illegal exit party and pardons

A secret memo concerning President Obama’s plans to throw an illegal party his final night in the White House has surfaced. Continue reading

Agents raid hair-dresser’s home over bad haircut, find marijuana

hairAgents raided a Texas woman’s home due to a tip-off from a customer who was not happy with their haircut.

State licensing requirements maintain that a cosmetologist may only perform services in a licensed and regulated environment which is separate from living spaces. The complaint alleged that the woman, 32-year-old Jasmin Daley, was operating an underground hair cutting and styling business. Continue reading