Opioid addicts must experience the consequences of their actions

It is time we effectively tackle the opioid issue as we have previous problems by enforcing the consequences.

We battled the crack epidemic and won, and have all but defeated the marijuana epidemic. We did this by having strong laws on the books and enforcing them vigorously by allowing our police officers to do their jobs as they deemed fit.

No matter who it was, the consequences were clear, drugs will ruin your life, and we will find you, put you in prison, and you will learn your lesson.

Some critics claim that these methods are not only ineffective, but that they also have a long term effect on people’s lives who are caught with drugs. I would argue that this is exactly what we need. Requiring that people experience the consequences of their actions is the only way forward, and having to deal with the drawbacks of a criminal drug record for life is necessary if we want people to understand the seriousness of this issue. It does not matter how old you are either.

Don’t want to lose out on job opportunities and student aid? Don’t do drugs. Don’t want to lose your driver’s license? Don’t do drugs. You have a family which relies on you to bring money home? It’s tough to bring money home when you’re on drugs, and not to mention dangerous to your co-workers. This sort of lifestyle must be stopped for the good of our nation’s youth!

There are also claims of police abuse, however you have nothing to fear if you’re not breaking the law, and if you do happen to be accidentally swept up, it is a risk our society must be willing to take in order to combat this menace.

By keeping drugs illegal and increasing the penalties, we not only ensure that people stop doing drugs, but also that our nation’s prison guards and police officers are able to put food on their tables at night.

Treatment is often brought up as an option, however we cannot treat what is ultimately a choice, regardless of what health professionals say. The stick always works better than the carrot.

There will be consequences, and there will be repercussions, and we will win, no matter how much the cost. Otherwise the future of our country is at risk.

One thought on “Opioid addicts must experience the consequences of their actions

  1. William Sophist Langbehn October 5, 2019 at 6:38 am Reply

    wtf kind of trash is this news agency putting out, who the fuck is writting these trash ass stories

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