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Umpire ruins little leaguer’s shot at majors

baseball fieldBoos rained down as the strike three call was made; the bat never moved. 12-year-old Billy Tompkins stood at the plate in disbelief giving the umpire, Bo Washington, the dirtiest look he could muster.

The pitch was a perfect inside corner strike to end the game and send the winning team into the playoffs.

Billy’s mother stood just behind the backstop, shouting obscenities at Washington for what she viewed as the worst call in the history of baseball. Continue reading

Houston Astros sign little league pitcher, may promote him to majors this season


In an unprecedented and unexpected move, the Houston Astros signed 11-year-old little league pitcher Jeff Ward to a multi-year contract on Friday, May 17.

Ward, a left-handed starter boasting a 0.83 ERA with seven wins through 12 starts, will begin his major league career much sooner than he or anyone else expected.

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