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Environmental organization seeks to make Santa more eco-friendly through regulation

coalA national environmentalist group is lobbying the government for new regulations on Christmas advertising in an attempt to make Santa more eco-friendly.

The Organization for Environmental Progress, or OEP, has submitted proposed regulations to congress which would change the way advertisements portray Santa Clause by restricting references to him giving out coal as a present. Continue reading

Obama to meet and personally arm Syrian rebels with special ‘first gun’

Obama on arming Syrian rebels: "It will be different this time, I promise!"

Obama on arming Syrian rebels: “It will be different this time, I promise!”

President Obama will be moving forward with plans to arm Syrian rebels after congress gave its approval last month.

In a statement released by the White House, Obama is very optimistic about the move stating “I know that every time we’ve done something like this before, it has backfired on us, but this time will be different!” Continue reading

Congressman: “People should donate more if they want results”

money politicsAt a congressional luncheon today, when asked about the effectiveness of their representation, several members stated that if people would donate more money to sitting members of congress, then perhaps they would get better results like the lobbyists do.

“Money and politics are like peas and carrots” stated one congressional member. “People just don’t realize that we have to eat too, and they have to pay to play just like everyone else.” Continue reading