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7 reasons why ending the War on Drugs would have dire consequences

We’d have a lot to lose by ending the War on Drugs. First of all, we’d lose the war, and who wants to be a loser? Continue reading

Pot legalization leads to riots in Washington and Colorado

Pictured above is a scene from the devastating destruction resulting from marijuana legalization.

Pictured above is a scene from the devastating destruction resulting from marijuana legalization.

Just eight months after Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, the states are already beginning to feel the detrimental haze set in as their economies are grinding to a halt.

Recent reports indicate homelessness has skyrocketed as pot heads lay in street gutters shooting up weed. Continue reading

Cannabis missionaries arrested in Texas, may face death penalty

Pictured above: two texts commonly carried by a pair of cannabis missionaries recently arrested in Texas.

ALTRURIA, Texas — A pair of cannabis missionaries were arrested this past weekend in the small Texas town of Altruria, as the two men now face a possible death sentence for their actions. Continue reading

Texas legislator drops marijuana cigarette while speaking on floor

Texas HouseWhile speaking during the Texas legislative session, representative Tom Alvin (R) Altruria, dropped something unexpected on the House floor. Upon picking up the item, cameras caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. Continue reading

Child smokes K2, eats dolls face


ALTRURIA, Texas — A six-year-old child accused of biting a dolls head off in a kindergarten classroom allegedly smoked K2, also known as “Spice,” before the incident.

Although school officials remain silent on the event, authorities from the Altruria police department were called to Altruria Elementary School on Friday afternoon, May 17, after a pipe and small bag of K2 were found in the child’s possession following an incident where the child allegedly bit the head off of a doll in a kindergarten classroom.

Continue reading

Man’s life saved by glass pipe, dies in custody after arrest for paraphernalia

pipeA man died today after being arrested at the hospital for possession of paraphernalia.

Texas authorities arrested 28-year-old Tony Levy at Passmoore Plains Hospital after an off duty officer noticed Levy in the ER being in possession of a small pipe, known as a one-hitter, which they suspect was used to smoke cannabis.

Levy had an allergic reaction to a bee sting on his neck, swelling his throat shut. His friends acted quickly to make a tracheotomy with the only thing they had, a pipe, effectively saving his life and allowing him to breathe until they made it to the hospital. Continue reading