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Obama to meet and personally arm Syrian rebels with special ‘first gun’

Obama on arming Syrian rebels: "It will be different this time, I promise!"

Obama on arming Syrian rebels: “It will be different this time, I promise!”

President Obama will be moving forward with plans to arm Syrian rebels after congress gave its approval last month.

In a statement released by the White House, Obama is very optimistic about the move stating “I know that every time we’ve done something like this before, it has backfired on us, but this time will be different!” Continue reading

Man’s life saved by glass pipe, dies in custody after arrest for paraphernalia

pipeA man died today after being arrested at the hospital for possession of paraphernalia.

Texas authorities arrested 28-year-old Tony Levy at Passmoore Plains Hospital after an off duty officer noticed Levy in the ER being in possession of a small pipe, known as a one-hitter, which they suspect was used to smoke cannabis.

Levy had an allergic reaction to a bee sting on his neck, swelling his throat shut. His friends acted quickly to make a tracheotomy with the only thing they had, a pipe, effectively saving his life and allowing him to breathe until they made it to the hospital. Continue reading