Christian and black protesters arrested after theater altercation

crime scene

A group of Christians and black protesters are behind bars after an altercation at a movie theater.

It began during a sold-out airing for the newly released film “Straight Outta Compton” when a small group of people began talking loudly and using profanity during the movie. The group then got into a verbal altercation with another group who began to complain before telling the loud group that they would “pray for them.” That group then stood up in their seats and began reciting prayers towards the direction of the first group.

A manager for the GalaxyPlex theater, located in Altruria, Texas, intervened and asked that both groups return to their seats and be quiet. That’s when both groups began to berate the manager.

“I just felt like he immediately came into the theater to target us,” said James Hardin. “There was racism in his eye. What, black people aren’t allowed to talk in public?”

A member of the prayer group, Janice Young, says that she may consider filing a lawsuit for religious discrimination.

“First they take God out of school, then government, and now Jesus isn’t allowed at the movie theater,” Young stated. “This oppression against Christians has to stop, we have a right to pray!”

Both groups were eventually escorted from the theater where they began protesting outside.

Officers were called to the scene and asked that the protesters leave the private property, however they refused, claiming that it was a public space. This prompted police to make arrests for trespassing.

Protests are planned at the theater later this week by black rights and Christian rights activists. Each group has made public demands, including asking that the local city council pass laws banning the discrimination.

Representatives for both groups are currently unsure what they will do should their demands not be met, though they have not ruled out litigation and mass protests.

By: George R.M. Spooner
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