Environmental organization seeks to make Santa more eco-friendly through regulation

coalA national environmentalist group is lobbying the government for new regulations on Christmas advertising in an attempt to make Santa more eco-friendly.

The Organization for Environmental Progress, or OEP, has submitted proposed regulations to congress which would change the way advertisements portray Santa Clause by restricting references to him giving out coal as a present.

Stating that “this gives children the perception that coal is acceptable because Santa legitimizes the concept that coal is environmentally friendly,” the group hopes to censor out the giving of coal as a gift and instead move Santa to a system of naughty or nice gift credits. This means that in order for children to be bad they will now have to buy credits from children who are good.

“Children are our greatest gift and are highly impressionable, we must protect the children by preventing them from hearing or seeing messages which promote the use of coal as a positive thing,” OEP president Zach Hill stated.

Given the history of successfully limiting tobacco advertising, the organization sees a clear path to victory in passing and implementing the new regulations. Congress is expected to take up the matter early next year, and the regulations are expected to be in place in time for Christmas of 2014.

By: George R.M. Spooner
Contact George via email at TribuneHeraldNews@gmail.com

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