Island nation falls to Islamic rule

A small island nation based on Christian biblical law has fallen to Muslim rule. Christians are fleeing the country ahead of anticipated law changes.

Founded in 1894 by settlers escaping religious intolerance in Europe, the nation of Altruria modeled all of its laws after biblical interpretations.

Natives of the island, who have largely been practicing various other religions, recently overtook the descendants of the settlers in birthrates. After a radical conversion, a majority of the island’s people adopted Islam. The natives were originally decimated during the initial settlement of the island.

Using the governmental mechanisms already in place, the new-found majority have been able to successfully implement their own religious interpretations based on the Qur’an, otherwise known as Sharia law.

Those opposing the new changes are not letting go easily though, claiming that they violate the constitution. International scholars studying the issue have proclaimed that given the theocratic nature of Altruria’s government, the changes are in line with the nation’s constitution which grants the government power to impose religious laws.

Some of the new laws include forced prayer, harsh dress codes, and bans on certain music. It also prohibits non-Muslims from holding office.

“These people think they can just come in here and oppress us by forcing their religious views on us! We will not stand for this tragedy” stated a local resident. There have been reports from some militia groups that they intend to violently oppose the new laws, threatening to plunge the nation into civil war.

As the story develops we’ll bring you more details. Most observers have stated though that what “comes around, goes around.”

By: George M. Spooner
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2 thoughts on “Island nation falls to Islamic rule

  1. momoe October 29, 2013 at 12:39 am Reply

    It’s not written well enough to be funny.

  2. Noor November 11, 2013 at 4:26 am Reply


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