Texas Rangers bring Nolan Ryan out of retirement and into starting rotation

The Texas Rangers are set to bring Nolan Ryan out of retirement to face the Houston Astros.

The Texas Rangers are set to bring Nolan Ryan out of retirement to face the Houston Astros.

With injuries plaguing the Rangers pitching staff and several weeks of lackluster performance, the team has decided to bring their CEO, Nolan Ryan, out of retirement to give their pitching a boost until key players can make it back and improve their game.

Ryan last played in 1993, pitching for the Rangers. Now at 66 years old, he hopes to extend his strikeout record, which currently stands at 5,714. Randy Johnson sits in second for most strikeouts with 839.

He has a lifetime win percentage of .526 which Ryan believes he can “significantly increase” during his outings this season for the Rangers.

Asked how he feels about returning to the mound, Ryan states “I feel great, it should be fun to get out there and throw again. The Ryan Express is back!”

During a recent practice, his fastball clocked in at 69 mph. Hitters should struggle mightily to hit the aging hurler. He also expects to increase hit number of no-hitters from seven to at least ten and achieve that elusive perfect game.

While being one of only 29 players in baseball history to have appeared in Major League baseball games in four decades, with his next start, slated for Friday, July 5 against his former Astros, he will become the only player in history to play over give decades.

The Rangers are expected to raise ticket, parking and concession prices for the games Ryan pitches in. Minimum ticket prices will go to $150, parking will be $60 and concessions will be marked up 400% over current price.

An official with the organization stated to Tribune Herald that with prices currently at an all time low, it only made sense that dedicated fans needed to pay their fair share to see the legend play. When asked about prices being raised once the team began to see some success, he responded that true fans should be willing to pay any price for the privilege to see such an elite ball club play, regardless of their financial situation, adding “I’ve got a fantastic job that pays extremely well, the organization is making loads of money. Why should our financial success be hindered by deadbeats?”

Chances are good Ryan’s perfect game could come against the slumping Astros, who are currently 31-54. If the rotation stays as is, he will face the Astro’s up and coming phenom Jeff Ward. Rumors are abound that Robin Ventura may be signed to a one day contract by Houston for the game. This is currently pending, awaiting approval from the White Sox.

Ryan and Ventura are both ready to go round two and pick up where they left off in the ’93 season.

He will likely start against the Angels as well on Monday, July 29 where he will get the opportunity to face former Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton, who is batting .225 this season, will surely be an easy statistic as Ryan pads his strikeout record. Fantasy sports owners with the Rangers pitching staff should see huge returns from this upgrade.

By: George M. SpoonerContact George via email at TribuneHeraldNews@gmail.com

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