Man sacrifices iPad for Astros’ 11th win

astrosAs 33-year-old Robert Potters sat anxiously listening to the Houston Astros square off with the Detroit Tigers, he made the decision to sacrifice his iPad in order to end the Astros’ six game skid and pick up win number 11 on the season.

“I banged it up a little during the 4th inning, but knew I had to smash it during the 9th inning in order for Brandon Barnes to snag that grand slam from Miguel Cabrera for the final out.”

Still stunned from the victory, he stood in his man-cave, unsure if the glass that had flown everywhere had cut him. Upon coming to and thanking the gods for their sacrificial bounty, he checked to ensure he was alright.

“I love my Astros. I’d die for them” he exclaimed!

Taking a victory shot, he acknowledged that the team still has an uphill battle. It is his hope though that they finish ahead of their division rival Angels.

“With Hamilton batting a dismal .215 average, and the Angels sitting at 15-24, at least we can beat them, provided the ‘stros don’t end up trading everyone on the team every couple of weeks” stated Potters.

“Next time we may go all out with a chicken if we’re going to see these kinds of results” he said in a very upbeat manner.

By: George M. Spooner
George may be contacted via email at

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